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Myths-Myths About Infidelity

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Myths about infidelity
Cheating is a problem most commonly experienced romance lovers or husband and wife. If it is to discuss the affair, many people think that he is the most often. Though it is not entirely true.

Men are more likely than women cheating arguably it is the myth. There are many other myths about the developing affair. What is it? Here it is a summarized presentation of Your Tango.
1. Affair for SexNot all do. Scott Haltzman, MD, professor at Brown University and author of "The Secrets of Happy Married Men say, cheating can use emotion without sex. They feel emotional closeness and secret marriage.
2. Not In Love affair because the coupleSome people cheat because they do not love your partner anymore. According to Haltzman, they were not happy does not mean no longer loves her partner. Cheating occurs because there are other problems, seperyo men need the support of other women instead of their partner. Neither the women who do not get attention from her partner, so looking for a new man.
3. Seeking a More Sexy & YoungNot always so. Real example is Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Camilla is not young and sexy woman, he compared even more beautiful Diana, but Charles still turning. Cheating can occur because couples looking for what is not owned by a man or a woman. For instance some swinger looking for a smart affair, richer, more fashionable or otherwise.
4. More Men CheatingMany thought the number of men who cheated more often than women. But apparently that's not entirely true myth. Coffee & Company, dating agency in the UK conducted a survey and found that it is now increasing the number of women cheating. Nearly 20 percent of women of the 3,000 respondents admitted to cheating.
Most admitted because they want something new and different. Some are choosing cheating as a form of revenge - because never cheated - or because he was not aware his girlfriend.
5. Infidelity Can Be PreventedEvery way possible can be done to prevent cheating. With a lover who always make time for each other, giving more attention or to be romantic, it still can not prevent the cheating occurred.

Premature ejaculation to prevent malicious At Intercourse

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Prevent Early Ejaculation
 THREAT premature ejaculation becomes biggest fear men during sex. However, you do not worry to deal with. The following sexual positions can increase your confidence so that longer sex session.
Sex with a partner not only needed to work together to maintain passion in bed, but also intense communication. One of the things discussed, namely the selection of appropriate sexual position to put into practice. This becomes an important point that can last a long sex session.
During sex, the biggest thing to be created that can last longer in bed. Yes, it can last longer without premature ejaculation can make men and women feel sexual pleasure. The problem, premature ejaculation attack a scourge pleasure for men. Not surprisingly, given the pill to supplement that promises unbelievable sexual stamina often consumed by men.
However, instead of you doing it, why not choose the right sex position where it could make a longer prowess with friends. There are three positions that can be tested, as reported Procalisxonline.
Step One.

The missionary position becomes the position of the options can be tried. Although this position is threatened premature ejaculation due to the friction that made the climax more coming faster, but you can enter a special trick to anticipate this. How, when the climax took hold, immediately pull your penis and hold for a moment. After the sensation subsides, you can resume penetration again. This technique works quite remarkable, especially when you work so that premature ejaculation may be delayed.
Step Two.

This is what you do, which is sit with your legs crossed while the couple sat on a foot away from you. Let your partner take over penetration while while you focus on the breasts or a touch on other sensitive points. This position can work well and is fantastic for sex enjoyment.
Step Three

You could try doing the sexual position called rear penetration. Let him lay a little look down. Then, lift one leg back and do penetration. Maybe she would tighten her vagina slightly, but this will increase the satisfaction of sex. Not only that, for many people, this position can make sex more high durability.

Women Achieve Orgasm order dasyat

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Achieve Orgasm terrible
ORGASM be an important point to be achieved during sex couples. But unfortunately, the focus is often constrained due to several things. If you belong to one that difficulty reaching orgasm, the following could be a reference.

  Compared to men, female sexual arousal may be slower achieved. Not surprisingly, he often had difficulty herding sex partner achieve satisfaction. In fact, to meet these needs is not really difficult. You simply provide enough stimulation during foreplay lasts. Mensfitness give the trick.

Extend foreplay

     Make all erotic zone, especially the neck, nipples, thighs, lips, tongue, and fingertips to be explored. Give a touch of the marathon at that point in slow motion. "Let him lead you to explore the point where desired. When she wants it, hold for a moment to grant it. Let you linger in this session. Having sex before mounting excitement would deprive women reach orgasm.

Perform penetration slowly

     When starting aroused, do penetration slowly and only partially insert penis in Miss V. After that stop a few seconds. Do not make full penetration for three to five minutes. This method makes it not stand to ask you soon.

Let her stimulate her clitoris

     Take his hand and guide the direction of her clitoris. Clitoral stimulation during sex to significantly improve the chances of a woman to achieve orgasm.

Time for full penetration

     After stimulation started up and looked not stand your partner, do get full penetration. Gradually, do penetration by increasing the speed and depth. When the he began to approach orgasm, try to give a little excitement in her anus where it will increase the intensity of orgasm more leverage.

For Women Size Mr.P Very Important When Sex

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Mr. P is very important when Sex
 Recent research conducted by scientists at the University of Scotland found women are more likely to orgasm when her partner had Mr. Happy long. Although size is important, for women it is still not everything.

Recent research conducted by scientists at the University of Scotland found women are more likely to orgasm when her partner had Mr. Happy long. The research was carried out by psychologists at the University of West Scotland, Stuart Brody and his team.
There were 323 women, mostly female students in Scotland who were respondents in the research Brody and his team. They were asked about sexual behavior and how important penetration of the penis instead of other things during sex. Respondents were also asked if Mr Long. Happy affects their ability to make love through stimulation Miss V.
After investigation found, 160 women experienced orgasm through penetration Miss V. Of the 160 men, 33.8% claimed to prefer Mr. Happy long. While 60% of respondents said that size did not matter. And 6.3% said penis length making them less satisfied than the short.

Is it a long penis is important for women? Another study ever conducted in the UK, based on the record of Mens Health reveal different things. From the research it is known fact 85% of women are satisfied with the size of his penis.
Nicole Beland, sex expert who has written many books one of which 'Sex: The Whole Picture: The Ultimate How-To for Lovers' said the woman was concerned about the size of Mr. Happy spouses. But there are other things that also need attention.
"Yes, she cares a man's penis size. But if you talk of sexual satisfaction, penis away from our priority list," Nicole said, as quoted by Mens Health.
Nicole also said that not all women like a big penis or long. In fact, the size of the penis that is too big can make women do not reach orgasm.
"Women often find it difficult to orgasm., And oral sex or hand stimulation was more effective for them (an orgasm), just like a vibrator," said Debby Herbenick, PhD, renowned sex expert from America and also Associate Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.
Sexologists who wrote the book "She Comes First ', Ian Kerner, Ph.D. added instead of thinking about penis size, men should be more worried about how to make their partner satisfied. "Usually women who complain about small penis, it's because they do not get orgasms. If they orgasm, that's important, no matter what the size of his penis," said Ian.

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Youth Sexual Behavior
Men often referred to simply put sex when dealing with women. In fact, in a day, they can think about sex every 1.5 hours (frequency varies, depending on where his research). However, the fact that has lasted for years is now an objection.

Generation of young men today also want intimacy, according to Casanova Challenging books: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male. Exposure in this book do not agree with the notion that all men are players in the matter of sex. According to the author, Andrew Smiler, professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, the young men also want emotional intimacy with a loved one.
"Myth Cassanova was embedded so deeply that people believe that young children who want a casual relationship than sex is rare, or nonsense," said Smiler.
This is compounded by stories of infidelity committed by public figures who exploited the media. It is so, there is another assumption that men have that are evolutionary impulse to "spread his seed", which makes women to be extra vigilant so as not betrayed.
In his book, Smiler said that normal male (heterosexual) generally can be divided into several categories. Most groups are looking to have a strong sexual relationship with one partner only. Then there is a small group of religious young man, who chose to remain a virgin until marriage later time. There is a larger group, who want to follow the traditional approach to dating. While the "player" who want to have multiple sexual partners, are relatively small.
Data from the International Sexuality Description Project, which also cited Smiler, said that 75 percent of young men that only want one pair (some even said they did not want any family in the next few months). Only 25 percent who want to have two or more sexual partners in a matter of months.
According Smiler, facts about the men who tend to want emotional intimacy is difficult to accept as opposed to the experience of the older generation of men. The young man is now also better able to accept the friendship with the opposite sex that are platonic, although still rare. Most men have at least one female friend, who was able to change a man's behavior for the better in the face of the opposite sex.
Biologically speaking, men need not in fact changed. They have the same testosterone levels as the previous generation. Only, they were able to address the sexual needs better, concluded Smiler. Well, but that his research in the United States. Somehow the fact elsewhere ....

Sex also influenced style Hair Style

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Hair Style Influence Sexual Passions
Hair is the crown of women, not so strange if women maintain the beauty and health of hair. However, do you know if a particular hairstyle reflects your personality and your sexual desire?
1. Ponytail PonytailHairstyle is an option many women because of its practicality. Order Such apparently reflects courage. "Tying hair back away from the eye reflects high confidence. Courage featuring eye than to hide behind hair geraian also shows sexual confidence is high," says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Be Honest, You're Not That into Him Either . You often make a pigtail horses tend to have a temper, but like sex.

2. Very "stylish" (even when at home)Usually hair styled only time will go, but if you're used to always look neat even when at home, then you are classified as a perfectionist. You are very fond of order and consistency in all things. According to Alan Pease, author of Body Language, this is reflected also in your sexual relationship. You'd rather fuck with firm steps and scheduled. In addition, you are also more likely to dominate rather than to follow the guidance of the him.
In order for the sex drive he still smoldering, it could not hurt to occasionally follow his directions. Let him take over, and you just follow it. Always control during sex can make him lazy fuck because he could not free to do what he wants.
3. Long hairAs with any shape and hair type, you are not too bothered and prefer to let it loose. Hairstyle is a sign that you feel comfortable with yourself. "It signifies that you are very relaxed about life, love, and sex. Headache you will not do a lot of things just because of fear of messy hair," said Kerner.
In sex, you also include people who like to experiment to enhance. Have you tried the movement that you often do in the hair, such as stroking and playing the fingertips, to touch mate? "This movement can also help stimulate the couple. Touched him on any part that you like such as gently touching your hair," suggests Kerner.
4. Style "top knots"Some women really like her hair up high and rolling so beautiful knot. If you like to do this then you are the type of women who enjoy the attention of men.
"The neck is the most sensual part of a woman's body. Unwittingly, exposing the neck with a hairstyle like this is one way of teasing him and show that you are interested in a relationship with them," said Kerner. Women with a top knot hair style is usually very fond of glamorous styles including in terms of sex, such as kissing on the satin sheets, or sheets filled with a sprinkling of flower petals.

Sex Secrets Men, You Do not Know

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Sex Secrets Men
Many people thought men's sexual response was simple and their sexual needs are easily met when the allegation is not entirely true. In other words, not much different from the ladies, for the men of your bedroom also has its own challenges and difficulties.
For that, see 10 secrets of male sex that has never been known before as quoted from mid-day on Wednesday (05/12/2012) following.

1. Sperm that had trapped more agile 'swim'Not all sperm 'race' to reach one egg at a time. Although some sperm finally get into the vaginal canal but some of them also temporarily trapped in a semen coagulate or clot (coagulation).
Then the sperm-sperm was finally 'liquidated' by certain enzymes so they can swim to reach the female reproductive system.
But according to experts, the clotting process is apparently intended to speed up the release of sperm into the uterus or womb, including increasing the chances of one of these sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it.
2. Oxytocin also has an effect on menSo far, only oxytocin is believed to affect women as sex (and breast feeding). But apparently this affection hormones are also released when a man intimate with their partner.
Even a study from Switzerland found that oxytocin is said to increase the level of confidence in man against his partner.
3. High testosterone = rarely have sexDespite the high testosterone levels are often associated with higher sexual arousal, in fact many experts who actually found the opposite. Men with high testosterone levels are reported rarely marry, often being abusive towards couples and divorced more often.
4. The main factors of death during sex: cheatingA study in 1975 found a unique pattern of death during sex that occurs in men: 'the victims usually are married but not having sex with their partner and do it in a foreign environment. It is even said that the death occurred after drinking alcohol in large quantities.
This finding is reinforced by another study conducted in 1989. This study proves that sex outside marriage is deadly. 14 of 20 cases of death when intercourse occurs in the affair.
5. Many orgasm prevent breast cancer in menStudies from Greece to prove that the high and low frequency of orgasm in men affect breast cancer risk.
Moreover, men with breast cancer have an orgasm on average less than men who did not develop the disease.
6. The size of a man's penis can be seen from the fingerIf a man's ring finger is longer than his index finger then it means that testosterone levels had fairly healthy. This was revealed by a study from the University of Liverpool, UK.
Vice versa, if the ring finger as large or smaller than the index finger, it means he gets testosterone levels lower. That is why the ring finger length can also be used to estimate the length of the male reproductive organs.
7. Men fall in love fasterSaid Dr. Helen Fisher, men who can not control himself once caught a glimpse of someone attractive face and instantly fell in love with it.
8. Family affects testosterone levelsStudies conducted in 2011 revealed MayoClinic closer a man to his family then testosteronenya levels will decrease.
Even the men are said to be experiencing significant decline in testosterone levels when her first child was born, especially when the man was holding.
9. Deliciously orgasm was like exhausted CHAPTERA study in 2002 stated that a man will feel the pleasure of orgasm as well as complete bowel movement. His pulse will increase as he reaches climax, followed by relaxation and then they will experience extreme fatigue.
10. Men like sex 'not unusual'The men showed how much he wanted to practice sex 'unusual', even bigger than the woman because the ratio reached 20:1. Usually sexual activity is not accepted by the social environment or considered illegal behavior like exhibitionism.

Tips Make Women Climax At Sex

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Tips for Climax
NOT turn it easy for women sexual desire and finally reached a climax. The role of man is needed in this case.

  All the men will want to deliver reach climax sex partner. Unfortunately, it did not always run smoothly considering the constraints in sexual intercourse is often blocked. Problem often encountered, namely the lack of warming up before sex to less precise stimuli do men.

To avoid these constraints, the trick to know the following, as reported by EzineArticles.

Create a relaxed woman

     Most women view sex as a physical and emotional experience. They are generally not easily aroused as men. Therefore, it is important to not feel the role of men as objects of gratification alone. Women also need to stimulate the mind to ease ranggsangan work masksimal so passionate lovemaking flammable.


     In order for a relaxed atmosphere, women need more time enjoying foreplay. The man in this case the need to explore other erogenous zones. For example, not only maximize the kiss on the lips alone, but also take advantage of other erogenous zones such as the neck and other areas. You can also kiss with a bite to encourage couples a little wild.

Exploration genitals

     Not all couples want oral sex. However, you can explore the intimate area with a soft touch. Use special techniques in order to live his passion perfectly.

Location Challenging For Sex

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Worth a try
FOR adventurous sex, trying out a variety of locations to make love to the things they dreamed of. If you want to explore further, some of the following could be a reference.

Chase away boredom beds could be anticipated in various ways. You can change the rhythm of making love to try sex unusual one do in a challenge like this. Cracked expose it to you.

sea ​​craft

     Sex in the high seas to be a stressful activity. Moreover, swing waves rocked the ship became a sensation. Therefore, not only a grasp of sexual pleasure, but also sexual sensation incomparable.

In the hood

     Maybe not everyone dare do this wild idea. But if you want to create an amazing sensation for sexual life, it could not hurt to try sex on the hood of the car.

in the office

     Having sex in the workplace may be a bit risky given the many colleagues who lurk. However, you can find a gap right time so suspenseful action can be realized. You could try the emergency stairs in the office building or choosing a deserted toilet and rarely used your peers.

Sex Tips Make The Bite

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The Make Sex Sting
ACTIVITIES sexual relationship is like spice in domestic life. Trying new things can help you with family relationships fostered increased harmonization.

  Sexual routine is a challenge for couples. On the one hand, they need to give variation to avoid boredom. And on the other hand, need to think about certain trick that turns sexual life. Times of India outlines some alternative agenda that can turn your sexual life. Here's leak.

Establish communication with partner

     Never sleep with your inner anger. If you want to improve the sexual relationship as a couple, it's worth all the problems discussed without leaving the cold war between the two of you. Be open and honest, talk about things you do not like, but remember to discuss positive traits as well. Communicate what's important in your relationship, it can help keep the passion alive.

Keep the mysterious

     A little mystery to the couple could be a spark to your love life. Living together for years sometimes make each other feel good. In fact, adding a mysterious side to each other need to be maintained to make sexual life still excited.

Indulge your senses

     Change your bedroom into an erotic place by adding a lot of silk fabrics, satin fabrics and colors that make you feel sexy. Other tactics, you can shower with full bubbles and fragrances from candles and perfume bathroom. Take time to indulge your senses and in no time, your libido too passionate.

Tips to Stay Intimate couple, without Should Sex

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The more intimate with a couple
There was a time you and your partner can not spend the time to make love. For example, when one party to illness, a new baby or when people who loved died. Whatever the case, it does not mean you lose the intimacy of husband and can strengthen the bonds of marriage.

Intimacy is not always synonymous with sex. Intimacy is how you and your partner closer, keeping the marriage together and remain durable. There was no sex or intimacy, is the cornerstone of a relationship. How to build intimacy without having sex? Here are some ways you can do:
1. Touching each otherOld married couples, it is rarely touched unless they want to fuck. Did this start happening to you and your husband? Let's not let that happen. Keep you and your spouse have the opportunity to touch each other for a short time when the activities of daily living. The touch can be kissing, hugging, touching his cheek or just touching the hair of a partner.
If you and your partner have more time, try to give you a massage. With this massage you and your partner are able to explore and recognize each other's bodies.
2. Holding HandsHave you seen the middle aged couple walking together and holding hands? Usually the moment it always makes you smile does not it? During this time holding hands with identical activity for the newly dating couples or still newlyweds. But as elderly couples holding hands, the activity is able to maintain the closeness and intimacy of the marriage relationship.
3. PretendDo you remember how it used to when it just started dating and then fall in love? At that time, as you and your partner do not want to be separated. Try to bring that feeling again. Sitting on the couch and making out with each other enough, explore your partner's body while wearing clothes. When the situation was getting hot, pull over as if to hold back and start again from scratch.
4. Exploration Outside Intimacy Sexual MattersSharing hobbies and interests could open new horizons in intimacy. Try to find another new attraction besides watching a movie together or eat in a restaurant. This interest can be related to sports or something related to creativity as skinny cooking or painting. New interest can stimulate the brain and cause new topics to be discussed.
5. CommunicationSometimes the silence between the pair could be a sign of closeness and feeling comfortable. But on the other hand, it also could be a sign you and your partner do not actually have any thing to say. Try not to condition it happens. Keep chatting about whatever, not just day-to-day activities or updates about the child.

Sex sensation when Light On

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Sex sensation
 Some women prefer to have sex with the lights off. One of the most common causes are, because they feel less confident with her body shape when not wearing clothes.
In fact, sex intimacy could be formed if staring and admiring each other's bodies. To get that, you need enough light. To be more confident when having sex with the lights on, these tips, as quoted from Idiva.
1. Playing with LightThe lighting is bright white or yellow can kill a mood to make love. In addition to the central light in the room, a table lamp or pair also sleep less luminous. Choose a lamp with a unique shape, or can also use perncahayaan of wax. Put it in a place that could create a shadow effect on the wall when you and your lover to be more sensual atmosphere of the rooms.
2. Exercises for Body ShapeIf you feel sexy, sure would look sexy. How to get a sexy body? There's nothing better than physical exercise and sports. Choose the type of exercise or sport that you enjoy and in accordance with the conditions of health, work schedule or other personal matters. With diligent physical activity, you'll feel the difference in just less than a month. Agency fitter, muscle, and certainly more slender form makes you more sexy and attractive. That way, you do not need to hide in the dark every time sex.
3. Discard Beauty MagazinesBeauty magazines are always featuring the figure of a woman with a nearly perfect physically. This often makes women less confident because he felt he was less pretty. Keep in mind, the number of women with physical and face in a magazine like there were only a few of all women in the world. The models in the magazines may have specific rituals or strange to maintain the current physical, care for millions and even plastic surgery. Remember, whoever you are, you are the most perfect woman in the eyes of the couple. Believe in yourself will eliminate the sense of inferiority that often whack you.
4. Clean upBefore sex, take care of your body hygiene, including shaving or waxing hair unwanted hair. Do it at least once a month waxing, scrubs, and use body lotion to keep skin smooth and soft. If you are comfortable with yourself, you must also be comfortable showing the beauty of the body that you care when having sex with a partner.
5. InitiativeFew initiatives during lovemaking can show to your partner, how you want it. Surprise him with a slight dominance in bed. You can close his eyes with a ribbon or bandana, tie her hands on the bed or the woman on top sex positions. To do that, of course, needs lights, right? With dominance, you may be more comfortable having sex without having to sit in the dark.

Through your First Night Tips, Current and Success

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Go through your First Night Tips Current
On the first night after married couples often feel awkward and unsure of himself to engage in sexual activity in the bedroom, especially if supported by a lack of knowledge about it.

No need to worry, Dr.. Pulkit Sharma, a clinical psychologist and therapist psychoanalysis of Vimhans (Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health, Neuro & Allied Sciences) India is ready to help you prepare for your first night ritual.
Consider the 8 things you need to consider before you and your partner have sex first recommended Dr. Sharma Timesofindia as reported on Wednesday (12/12/2012) following.
1. Safety is number one

Many people feel very emotional at the same time excited when having sex first but that does not mean they can sacrifice their own security because the sheer lust. Always use condoms to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure your spouse also care about it.
2. Do not expect too high

Although many people expect her first sex would be an unforgettable experience, but the fact that expectations were too high it will damage your first night, you will feel heartbroken and disappointed. Because everyone needs more time to learn to have sex with either sex or have the appropriate skill expectations.
3. Enjoy the foreplay

Sometimes it was so curious or excited, a lot of people who want to go straight to the peak of sexual activity such as penetration or orgasm. And fuck's pleasure lies precisely in foreplay activity.
Take advantage of the time you and your partner have to warm up and make yourself and your partner comfortable with foreplay. Even for first-time sex performed, the more his foreplay then sex you will get better.
4. Make sure you are sufficiently aroused before sex

If not, it will first sex painful and feels like a disaster.
5. Do not assume that he's an expert

Equally for the first time having sex, do not necessarily assume if your husband is an expert, although maybe she likes to brag about it. And she did it just because they feel embarrassed to admit that he felt insecure and inexperienced.
Communicate your desires with your partner and make sure not one of those who always led. Moreover turns leading the sexual activity will further add to the intimacy of family and sexual attraction between each other.
6. Pretending to be satisfied disappoint couples

Such problems often occur in married couples, even though they claimed this was done in order to satisfy their partner. And if the couple knows, he will feel ashamed and disappointed that lied that would end in the destruction of marriage. So make sure you do not pretend to reach orgasm, especially on your first sex.
7. Orgasm is relative

Although orgasm has long been known to increase the satisfaction of having sex, you can still enjoy sexual activity without it. To that end, do not expect you or your partner reaches orgasm because orgasm is not the size of the actual lovemaking satisfaction but rather the process leading to orgasm itself.
If orgasm can happen is a good thing but if otherwise, go with the flow and enjoy the experience first.
8. Sensitive

First time sex may be painful but it seems that does not mean you or he's not a good partner to have the heart to hurt a partner.
So if you or the pain he felt, be open and honest in communicating, do not have a cover-up. Couples who are sensitive will certainly understand and care for each other as well as possible.

Main Cause revelation Libido in Women

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The revelation Libido Women
Basically the thing that most often makes women desire decline is stress, children, romance issues, physical medicine or physical disability and also pain. Female libido is very vulnerable. Side of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual can be a major cause their lazy fuck.

Many things can control the female sex hormone. Some are easy but some are known to be difficult to define. It would be very difficult to tell what the actual problem being faced by them. Here are the three main causes of reduced sex drive in women, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
1. Biological reasonsDecreased libido in women occur due to many physical conditions or natural. Sex drive can be dropped because of little things like fatigue, parenting, too much work or insomnia. It could also be caused by problems related to sexuality is perceived as pain during sex or inability to orgasm.
According to Ashley Hill, MD, a specialist in OB / GYN, birth and lactation can also cause decrease or loss of sexual desire. This happens, because at times the levels of sex hormones in women or estrogen also decreases. Hormone imbalances also contribute to reduced libido. Generally in times of menopause or perimenopause. This condition causes dry vagina that makes sex so it is not too desirable.
Decreased sex drive is also often associated with health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and so on. Other medical conditions for medical treatment, and postoperative use of supplements was strongly suspected to be the cause libido problems.
2. Reason PsychicSome mental health problems such as depression, low self-esteem and psychological disorders are usually a cause of decreased sex drive. Stress is also blamed as a major factor impaired libido.
According to Good Housekeeping magazine USA, women in their 20s who care for children 6 years of claiming diminished their desire to have sex two to three times. Some women also experience decreased libido guilt of sexual activity they do. This could happen due to the values ​​and behaviors that are instilled by parents about their mistaken views and perceptions about sex as a child (sex is taboo, against religion, and so on). Professor at Penn State University Patricia Koch, Ph.D. who teaches Biobehavioral Health & Women's Studies explains, the message from the woman arrested on sexual behavior they also directly affect their libido.
3. Relationship with partnerPersistent problem that can not be found the solution can be a huge influence on a woman's libido. Problems in the household, will reduce intimate partner emotionally. They know each other so close, close eyes but deep in my heart and it can cause loss of sex drive.
Lack of communication between partners can also aggravate the condition and further reduce a woman's desire for sexual intercourse. They can not discuss what they want and not during sex, what it needs and how to meet the needs of couples. Lack of trust in the family became one of the main causes of loss of sex drive.