Why Men Erection Sleep time

Why Men Erection Sleep time
Erection can occur for no apparent reason, even when sleeping. Do not worry, this is common in men.

  If you do not get an erection when you are supposed to have, for example, when the turbulent lust, it is recommended you consult your doctor to mengtahui cause.

The good news is the benchmark erection good health in the evening. If you have an erection, your health is at least still within acceptable limits.

Penis like owls who move at night. Therefore, men have erectile alarm time. Nocturnal erections occur when stage feature or REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) and REM sleep often occur just before waking, such as expressed by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD, in his book, Being Healthy Teens.

During sleep there is an increase of blood flow to the penis and cause frequent erections that night, and may experience erectile evening. You may experience an erection every two or three hours a night, which is actually a form of exercise for your penis.

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