Sex A week Non Stop

Want to pay more Sperm
NOT just women who crave the presence of a child in their home life. The man was also wanted to be a father so that matters of sex have done so intensively that desire come true.
A week long fuck, Sperm Awakened

 Sex A week Non Stop
With sex non-stop for a full week, it can maximize sperm quality, according to a study. Infertility expert from Australia, David Greening respondents surveyed 118 men who had higher levels of sperm DNA normal.

The men were asked to ejaculate daily for seven days, but not given any drugs or told to make lifestyle changes. After seven days, their sperm checked again.

The results showed that the average damaged sperm fell to 26 percent and placing it in the category of good quality. A fifth man in the study saw an increase in sperm quality when it comes to sex every day.
"Ejaculation every day not only improves sperm quality for most men, it also helped sperm motility, a big factor in successful fertilization although semen volume decreased," Greening said.

However, unfortunately this study did not investigate whether the improvement in sperm quality may affect pregnancy rates are better.

"These results may mean that men have a greater role in infertility than previously suspected, and that ejaculatory frequency is important for improving sperm quality," added Greening, told Mid Day.

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