Sex Tips for More Challenging

Exploration of new things that challenge in lovemaking can make your intimate session with her husband so much fun and caused a sensation never felt before. However, many couples do not have any idea how to make it happen. Find out the tips below, as quoted from The Stir.

Sex Tips for More Challenging

Follow these 8 Steps1. Naughty Chat

Send text message 'naughty' read how much you want him tonight. Or pair your phone during working hours. Got a sensual temptation when the unexpected will trigger adrenaline and make him want to get home to make out with you.
2. Buy a New Lingerie

Buying lingerie is not a new way to get a more enjoyable sex. But you can revive your sex drive with him to come shopping and choose the lingerie for you.
3. Sex Toys

There is no harm in using the 'tools' to create a more passionate sex session. Foreplay action with a vibrator will add new sensations while making out with a partner.
4. Wear High Heels

Give him a show-style pole dance or striptease dancer in bed. To look more sexy, wearing red stilettos and see how she looks at you will be amazed.
5. Variation

Tired of foreplay in the bedroom? Try bathing together and cleanse their body with a touch of exciting. When having sex, use a liquid lubricant and replace several sex positions comfortable for both of you.
6. Sharing Fantasy

Adult erotic novels and films can arouse your sexual fantasies. Talk about what you want to try from the fantasy and asked if the couple would like to try. Give him the opportunity to also express wishes. By doing so, become more attractive sex session.
7. Role-play

For some couples, role-play may seem a little strange. But mostly because they've never tried it. If want sex more fun, try role-play this trick and see if it works for you both. There is no harm in trying, right?
8. Handcuffs

Stimulated sex with their hands tied so could not do anything about it, can be a challenge for the couple. Tie or second-hand pair handcuffs and let him enjoy the touch of your whole body. When finally the handcuffs off, you and your partner will feel the sensation of sex is more enjoyable.

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