Tips to Stay Intimate couple, without Should Sex

The more intimate with a couple
There was a time you and your partner can not spend the time to make love. For example, when one party to illness, a new baby or when people who loved died. Whatever the case, it does not mean you lose the intimacy of husband and can strengthen the bonds of marriage.

Intimacy is not always synonymous with sex. Intimacy is how you and your partner closer, keeping the marriage together and remain durable. There was no sex or intimacy, is the cornerstone of a relationship. How to build intimacy without having sex? Here are some ways you can do:
1. Touching each otherOld married couples, it is rarely touched unless they want to fuck. Did this start happening to you and your husband? Let's not let that happen. Keep you and your spouse have the opportunity to touch each other for a short time when the activities of daily living. The touch can be kissing, hugging, touching his cheek or just touching the hair of a partner.
If you and your partner have more time, try to give you a massage. With this massage you and your partner are able to explore and recognize each other's bodies.
2. Holding HandsHave you seen the middle aged couple walking together and holding hands? Usually the moment it always makes you smile does not it? During this time holding hands with identical activity for the newly dating couples or still newlyweds. But as elderly couples holding hands, the activity is able to maintain the closeness and intimacy of the marriage relationship.
3. PretendDo you remember how it used to when it just started dating and then fall in love? At that time, as you and your partner do not want to be separated. Try to bring that feeling again. Sitting on the couch and making out with each other enough, explore your partner's body while wearing clothes. When the situation was getting hot, pull over as if to hold back and start again from scratch.
4. Exploration Outside Intimacy Sexual MattersSharing hobbies and interests could open new horizons in intimacy. Try to find another new attraction besides watching a movie together or eat in a restaurant. This interest can be related to sports or something related to creativity as skinny cooking or painting. New interest can stimulate the brain and cause new topics to be discussed.
5. CommunicationSometimes the silence between the pair could be a sign of closeness and feeling comfortable. But on the other hand, it also could be a sign you and your partner do not actually have any thing to say. Try not to condition it happens. Keep chatting about whatever, not just day-to-day activities or updates about the child.

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