Breast Favor When Touched

to look sensual and seductive, not a few women who are willing to perform plastic surgery. In fact, it does not affect anything on sexual satisfaction.

During this time women with large breasts always seem to captivate men. Large breast size seemed to be a magnet that can give sexual satisfaction. However, this myth true?

"Breast size has no effect on sexual pleasure," said Christine, an expert on sex and relationships.

Every woman has a different size, color, and shape of each breast. However, there was no correlation between this sexual pleasure whatsoever.

"The only factor that can affect the sensitivity and sexual pleasure is the menstrual cycle. Hormones are up and down, according to many women increases sensitivity, "explains Christine.

Then, when the highest sensitivity felt her breasts?

"During the period of ovulation, a woman's breasts are more sensitive. While the first two weeks of menstruation is the most insensitive moment, "he concluded, as reported by So Feminine.

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