Through your First Night Tips, Current and Success

Go through your First Night Tips Current
On the first night after married couples often feel awkward and unsure of himself to engage in sexual activity in the bedroom, especially if supported by a lack of knowledge about it.

No need to worry, Dr.. Pulkit Sharma, a clinical psychologist and therapist psychoanalysis of Vimhans (Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health, Neuro & Allied Sciences) India is ready to help you prepare for your first night ritual.
Consider the 8 things you need to consider before you and your partner have sex first recommended Dr. Sharma Timesofindia as reported on Wednesday (12/12/2012) following.
1. Safety is number one

Many people feel very emotional at the same time excited when having sex first but that does not mean they can sacrifice their own security because the sheer lust. Always use condoms to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure your spouse also care about it.
2. Do not expect too high

Although many people expect her first sex would be an unforgettable experience, but the fact that expectations were too high it will damage your first night, you will feel heartbroken and disappointed. Because everyone needs more time to learn to have sex with either sex or have the appropriate skill expectations.
3. Enjoy the foreplay

Sometimes it was so curious or excited, a lot of people who want to go straight to the peak of sexual activity such as penetration or orgasm. And fuck's pleasure lies precisely in foreplay activity.
Take advantage of the time you and your partner have to warm up and make yourself and your partner comfortable with foreplay. Even for first-time sex performed, the more his foreplay then sex you will get better.
4. Make sure you are sufficiently aroused before sex

If not, it will first sex painful and feels like a disaster.
5. Do not assume that he's an expert

Equally for the first time having sex, do not necessarily assume if your husband is an expert, although maybe she likes to brag about it. And she did it just because they feel embarrassed to admit that he felt insecure and inexperienced.
Communicate your desires with your partner and make sure not one of those who always led. Moreover turns leading the sexual activity will further add to the intimacy of family and sexual attraction between each other.
6. Pretending to be satisfied disappoint couples

Such problems often occur in married couples, even though they claimed this was done in order to satisfy their partner. And if the couple knows, he will feel ashamed and disappointed that lied that would end in the destruction of marriage. So make sure you do not pretend to reach orgasm, especially on your first sex.
7. Orgasm is relative

Although orgasm has long been known to increase the satisfaction of having sex, you can still enjoy sexual activity without it. To that end, do not expect you or your partner reaches orgasm because orgasm is not the size of the actual lovemaking satisfaction but rather the process leading to orgasm itself.
If orgasm can happen is a good thing but if otherwise, go with the flow and enjoy the experience first.
8. Sensitive

First time sex may be painful but it seems that does not mean you or he's not a good partner to have the heart to hurt a partner.
So if you or the pain he felt, be open and honest in communicating, do not have a cover-up. Couples who are sensitive will certainly understand and care for each other as well as possible.

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You have raised such great points to think about. Thanks for sharing these tips they are very useful. wedding night tips will help you to cope with your nervousness and hesitance.

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