Sex Secrets Men, You Do not Know

Sex Secrets Men
Many people thought men's sexual response was simple and their sexual needs are easily met when the allegation is not entirely true. In other words, not much different from the ladies, for the men of your bedroom also has its own challenges and difficulties.
For that, see 10 secrets of male sex that has never been known before as quoted from mid-day on Wednesday (05/12/2012) following.

1. Sperm that had trapped more agile 'swim'Not all sperm 'race' to reach one egg at a time. Although some sperm finally get into the vaginal canal but some of them also temporarily trapped in a semen coagulate or clot (coagulation).
Then the sperm-sperm was finally 'liquidated' by certain enzymes so they can swim to reach the female reproductive system.
But according to experts, the clotting process is apparently intended to speed up the release of sperm into the uterus or womb, including increasing the chances of one of these sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it.
2. Oxytocin also has an effect on menSo far, only oxytocin is believed to affect women as sex (and breast feeding). But apparently this affection hormones are also released when a man intimate with their partner.
Even a study from Switzerland found that oxytocin is said to increase the level of confidence in man against his partner.
3. High testosterone = rarely have sexDespite the high testosterone levels are often associated with higher sexual arousal, in fact many experts who actually found the opposite. Men with high testosterone levels are reported rarely marry, often being abusive towards couples and divorced more often.
4. The main factors of death during sex: cheatingA study in 1975 found a unique pattern of death during sex that occurs in men: 'the victims usually are married but not having sex with their partner and do it in a foreign environment. It is even said that the death occurred after drinking alcohol in large quantities.
This finding is reinforced by another study conducted in 1989. This study proves that sex outside marriage is deadly. 14 of 20 cases of death when intercourse occurs in the affair.
5. Many orgasm prevent breast cancer in menStudies from Greece to prove that the high and low frequency of orgasm in men affect breast cancer risk.
Moreover, men with breast cancer have an orgasm on average less than men who did not develop the disease.
6. The size of a man's penis can be seen from the fingerIf a man's ring finger is longer than his index finger then it means that testosterone levels had fairly healthy. This was revealed by a study from the University of Liverpool, UK.
Vice versa, if the ring finger as large or smaller than the index finger, it means he gets testosterone levels lower. That is why the ring finger length can also be used to estimate the length of the male reproductive organs.
7. Men fall in love fasterSaid Dr. Helen Fisher, men who can not control himself once caught a glimpse of someone attractive face and instantly fell in love with it.
8. Family affects testosterone levelsStudies conducted in 2011 revealed MayoClinic closer a man to his family then testosteronenya levels will decrease.
Even the men are said to be experiencing significant decline in testosterone levels when her first child was born, especially when the man was holding.
9. Deliciously orgasm was like exhausted CHAPTERA study in 2002 stated that a man will feel the pleasure of orgasm as well as complete bowel movement. His pulse will increase as he reaches climax, followed by relaxation and then they will experience extreme fatigue.
10. Men like sex 'not unusual'The men showed how much he wanted to practice sex 'unusual', even bigger than the woman because the ratio reached 20:1. Usually sexual activity is not accepted by the social environment or considered illegal behavior like exhibitionism.

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