How To Couple Can Orgasm Together

One of the frequent complaints of the husband's first wife was an orgasm, while they are not really going to achieve it. Is there a way that can be done so that a partner can orgasm together

Expert and sex therapist with more than 20 years, Dr. Laura Berman explains that orgasm occurs simultaneously this could be an incredible lovemaking experience. It shows the strength of the bond between the pair. Unfortunately not all couples can get that experience.
For women, the arrival of orgasm can not be predicted. It could be in one sex session orgasms come easy, but at other times she could not reach it at all. That's because for women, orgasm is associated with brain function rather than the body. The study also showed that only one in three women who can orgasm regularly as partner to penetrate. Average other women achieve orgasm by combining the two techniques, penetration and clitoral stimulation.
How to get orgasm together with a partner, so that the husband should not delay its climax? Here are four ways that the author presented the book Real Sex for Real Women's:
1. Longer foreplayOf course sex stage should start with foreplay. Foreplay is one powerful way to get an orgasm quickly. If the current partner to penetrate, you are not 100% feel excited, it will be increasingly difficult to achieve orgasm. In fact, that could happen, orgasm it never came.
Foreplay as what can trigger an orgasm? According to sex experts, 95% of women reaching climax after receiving clitoral stimulation. So ask your partner to do so. "Areas of the clitoris is the most sensitive area than the vagina. So when stimulated, can make a woman more passionate than vaginal penetration," explains psychologist Dr Sex. Petra Boynton.
Dr. Laura added do foreplay is longer and not rush. In addition to clitoral stimulation, the husband asked touching other areas that can make you excited. Do not let your partner to penetrate before you are truly passionate about. Orgasms can be easily achieved, when your passion has reached its peak.
2. Choose the Right PositionSex expert guiding the television show "In The Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman 'it suggests make love with a woman on top position or spooning. Both positions are easier to reach climax because she will get a lot of clitoral stimulation. If the couple was already going first climax when doing one's position, rest a few seconds by rubbing his back. You will still feel excited and ready for the next session.
3. Increase Stimulation ClitorisBy adding a little clitoral stimulation during sex, according to Dr. Laura, it would make a woman to reach orgasm faster. Couples can use a finger to do the 'job' or you can use a small sex toys such as vibrators. Sex positions for easy fitting pair clitoral stimulation is spooning.
4. Oral SexNot only men only, women actually like getting oral sex from her partner. Oral sex can be a great way to make a woman climax when her partner was looking forward to an orgasm. Oral sex proper technique is to stimulate the area of ​​the clitoris and G-spot is silmutan. Do not rush when doing so. Woman takes at least 3-5 minutes if it is stimulated in the right area.
Four sex tips above can help couples orgasm simultaneously. Only, Dr. She emphasized, rather than thinking about who is going to orgasm and when, try to let it happen naturally climax. Enjoy the sensation of having sex with your partner, without thinking of the desired achievement. If orgasm simultaneously, consider it as a bonus.

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