Pleasure sensation Sex in the Bathroom

Making love does not only done in bed. However, it is important for couples to try somewhere else, like in the bathroom.

Of course, it was no less exciting with your usual place. However, you should also need to know what the exact position is used. Because, however, affect the enjoyment of lovemaking positions. These reviews interesting, as quoted from Indiansutras.


     This position may be one of the most common during lovemaking. However, being the most enjoyable performed solo under the shower in the bathroom.


     Women do like sex positions are done while seated. Not only that, the man's position also does not drain too much energy. When in the shower, you can use the bathtub or sink to allow deep penetration during orgasm.

Woman on top

     Of course, this position is easy to apply while in the bathroom, especially bathtubs. For women, you can also adjust the speed of penetration.

doggy style

     All couples must favorited this position. So, there is no harm to try it while in the shower. The woman can lean on the sink to hold the balance.

Man on top

     This position is a bit tedious if done in the bathroom. Therefore, it takes a large enough space. However, the classic missionary position is still able to give a different nuance to the couple.

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