Main Cause revelation Libido in Women

The revelation Libido Women
Basically the thing that most often makes women desire decline is stress, children, romance issues, physical medicine or physical disability and also pain. Female libido is very vulnerable. Side of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual can be a major cause their lazy fuck.

Many things can control the female sex hormone. Some are easy but some are known to be difficult to define. It would be very difficult to tell what the actual problem being faced by them. Here are the three main causes of reduced sex drive in women, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
1. Biological reasonsDecreased libido in women occur due to many physical conditions or natural. Sex drive can be dropped because of little things like fatigue, parenting, too much work or insomnia. It could also be caused by problems related to sexuality is perceived as pain during sex or inability to orgasm.
According to Ashley Hill, MD, a specialist in OB / GYN, birth and lactation can also cause decrease or loss of sexual desire. This happens, because at times the levels of sex hormones in women or estrogen also decreases. Hormone imbalances also contribute to reduced libido. Generally in times of menopause or perimenopause. This condition causes dry vagina that makes sex so it is not too desirable.
Decreased sex drive is also often associated with health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and so on. Other medical conditions for medical treatment, and postoperative use of supplements was strongly suspected to be the cause libido problems.
2. Reason PsychicSome mental health problems such as depression, low self-esteem and psychological disorders are usually a cause of decreased sex drive. Stress is also blamed as a major factor impaired libido.
According to Good Housekeeping magazine USA, women in their 20s who care for children 6 years of claiming diminished their desire to have sex two to three times. Some women also experience decreased libido guilt of sexual activity they do. This could happen due to the values ​​and behaviors that are instilled by parents about their mistaken views and perceptions about sex as a child (sex is taboo, against religion, and so on). Professor at Penn State University Patricia Koch, Ph.D. who teaches Biobehavioral Health & Women's Studies explains, the message from the woman arrested on sexual behavior they also directly affect their libido.
3. Relationship with partnerPersistent problem that can not be found the solution can be a huge influence on a woman's libido. Problems in the household, will reduce intimate partner emotionally. They know each other so close, close eyes but deep in my heart and it can cause loss of sex drive.
Lack of communication between partners can also aggravate the condition and further reduce a woman's desire for sexual intercourse. They can not discuss what they want and not during sex, what it needs and how to meet the needs of couples. Lack of trust in the family became one of the main causes of loss of sex drive.

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