Comfortable Sex, As Vacation with Kids

Vacations are often referred to as the perfect time to enjoy lovemaking without having suffered a stressful job or household affairs. But what if the holidays do with the children? Can sex comfortably?

Of course you can still have sex even though children are also in the same room during the holidays. Especially if the child is not too large, as young as toddlers, time for intimacy can be more flexible.
Do not get it because of the holiday with the kids, you did not have time for sex. If that happens, instead of feeling happy holiday after they get, you and your husband can even more stress. Here are some ways you can do to stay comfortable making love during the holidays, although there are children:
1. Take advantage BathroomWhen choosing a hotel, find out how the condition of the bathroom, is quite spacious and has a bath? This bathroom can be an important element to make your lovemaking and couples so exciting during the holidays. Take advantage of the opportunity to have sex shower together when the child was asleep. Choose the right time so that you and your husband can have sex without interruption. "Time is very important for parents, especially during the holidays," said Christian Chase, author of the book "The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms'.
2. FloorWhen you usually vacation would not want to sleep a bed with your baby. If this happens at home, of course you can choose another place to fuck, like in the living room couch or other room. How about a room at the hotel with a minimalist? You can take advantage of the floor.
"Sex can be a challenge when children sleep one bed.'s Why the floor could be an alternative 'hot', especially if the child's voice suddenly awakened passion can make you straight down," said Chase again. In order for the floor to be a comfortable place to make love, put a blanket and some pillows.
3. BalconyHotel with spacious balconies could be a bonus for you and your partner. The balcony can be used as a new sex can trigger adrenaline. "Little eksibiosnisme can make the heart beat faster," says sex expert and author of "She Comes First and He Comes Second '. "Either no one will see it or not, it does not matter as long as the idea makes adrenaline ride for fear of someone seeing," he added.
4. Streets in CoastIntimacy should not always be interpreted with sex. Romance plus foreplay can also make you and your partner's body produces endorphins or happy hormones. Activities romance while foreplay is not merely to be done in the room. If by chance you are vacationing at the beach area, take a walk on the edges with the children. Do not forget to bring a blanket or cloth that could be a base for a sit down and a little food. Then spread out a blanket or cloth and sit together. When children as young as toddlers, make him sit and give strollernya toys, while she looked around the landscape. But if the children are older, let him play in a safe area with supervision. During the child's play, you can lie down or sit and cuddle.

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