Premature ejaculation to prevent malicious At Intercourse

Prevent Early Ejaculation
 THREAT premature ejaculation becomes biggest fear men during sex. However, you do not worry to deal with. The following sexual positions can increase your confidence so that longer sex session.
Sex with a partner not only needed to work together to maintain passion in bed, but also intense communication. One of the things discussed, namely the selection of appropriate sexual position to put into practice. This becomes an important point that can last a long sex session.
During sex, the biggest thing to be created that can last longer in bed. Yes, it can last longer without premature ejaculation can make men and women feel sexual pleasure. The problem, premature ejaculation attack a scourge pleasure for men. Not surprisingly, given the pill to supplement that promises unbelievable sexual stamina often consumed by men.
However, instead of you doing it, why not choose the right sex position where it could make a longer prowess with friends. There are three positions that can be tested, as reported Procalisxonline.
Step One.

The missionary position becomes the position of the options can be tried. Although this position is threatened premature ejaculation due to the friction that made the climax more coming faster, but you can enter a special trick to anticipate this. How, when the climax took hold, immediately pull your penis and hold for a moment. After the sensation subsides, you can resume penetration again. This technique works quite remarkable, especially when you work so that premature ejaculation may be delayed.
Step Two.

This is what you do, which is sit with your legs crossed while the couple sat on a foot away from you. Let your partner take over penetration while while you focus on the breasts or a touch on other sensitive points. This position can work well and is fantastic for sex enjoyment.
Step Three

You could try doing the sexual position called rear penetration. Let him lay a little look down. Then, lift one leg back and do penetration. Maybe she would tighten her vagina slightly, but this will increase the satisfaction of sex. Not only that, for many people, this position can make sex more high durability.

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