Trick Sex For Women After Childbirth

After giving birth, women often do not feel confident with their vagina. These women worry Miss. V is not cramped anymore, like it used to. While some women actually feel Miss. V they are too narrow.
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How to solve a variety of problems such Vagina? British sex expert Tracey Cox in his book 'Hot Sex: How To Do It', give some advice.
Trick Sex For Women After Childbirth
1. Use lubrication
The first suggestion is given to you who feel Miss. V is too narrow. Tracey advised to always use lubrication during sex. This method makes sexual activity with your partner more enjoyable. Additional lubricant that can be used for sexual intercourse is a water-based lubricant and is usually shaped gel.

2. Penetration Do When It Really Pumped
Explain to your partner that you need time and a lot of foreplay. It was to be Miss. V you produce enough natural lubrication to relax the muscles in the sensitive area. The liquid will be produced when the sensitive points in a woman's body gets stimulation. Sensitive points that could be in the breast, neck, ears, or any part of your body to look for tau.

3. Appropriate Sex Position
For women who feel Miss. V is too narrow, the right sexual position is to open your legs wide enough and bowed legs. This makes the muscles Miss. V is not too tense. Tell also your partner when you're ready to get penetration from them in order to know the right time for Mr. Miss Happynya stimulating. V you.

4. Kegel exercises
The fourth suggestion is given the author who has written more than 10 books that have sex guide for you who feel Miss. V is too loose. Tracey suggested doing Kegel exercises regularly.

Kegel is a pelvic floor muscle exercise that originally used for therapy in women who are not able to control the release of urine. Most women are not trained to decline due to weakness of the uterus and pelvic floor muscle depletion.

How to tighten your vagina with kegel technique is first of all to make a move like little water while holding the vaginal muscles that move. Do the hold is at least two times a day as much as 10 times the contraction of each exercise. Exercises are performed at least six weeks will show if the benefits and try to perform the exercise with legs open.

After regular Kegel exercises, Miss V will be more tightly so that when having sex, sex will be more satisfying for the couple. It is because your vaginal muscles stronger.

5. Use pillows
The fifth suggestion is also given to women who feel Tracey Miss. V is already slightly longgrar. By using the pillow, the way it makes Miss. V becomes narrower. Put a pillow under your buttocks, while making love to the missionary position. Do not open your legs too wide, when the couple penetration.

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