Sex also influenced style Hair Style

Hair Style Influence Sexual Passions
Hair is the crown of women, not so strange if women maintain the beauty and health of hair. However, do you know if a particular hairstyle reflects your personality and your sexual desire?
1. Ponytail PonytailHairstyle is an option many women because of its practicality. Order Such apparently reflects courage. "Tying hair back away from the eye reflects high confidence. Courage featuring eye than to hide behind hair geraian also shows sexual confidence is high," says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Be Honest, You're Not That into Him Either . You often make a pigtail horses tend to have a temper, but like sex.

2. Very "stylish" (even when at home)Usually hair styled only time will go, but if you're used to always look neat even when at home, then you are classified as a perfectionist. You are very fond of order and consistency in all things. According to Alan Pease, author of Body Language, this is reflected also in your sexual relationship. You'd rather fuck with firm steps and scheduled. In addition, you are also more likely to dominate rather than to follow the guidance of the him.
In order for the sex drive he still smoldering, it could not hurt to occasionally follow his directions. Let him take over, and you just follow it. Always control during sex can make him lazy fuck because he could not free to do what he wants.
3. Long hairAs with any shape and hair type, you are not too bothered and prefer to let it loose. Hairstyle is a sign that you feel comfortable with yourself. "It signifies that you are very relaxed about life, love, and sex. Headache you will not do a lot of things just because of fear of messy hair," said Kerner.
In sex, you also include people who like to experiment to enhance. Have you tried the movement that you often do in the hair, such as stroking and playing the fingertips, to touch mate? "This movement can also help stimulate the couple. Touched him on any part that you like such as gently touching your hair," suggests Kerner.
4. Style "top knots"Some women really like her hair up high and rolling so beautiful knot. If you like to do this then you are the type of women who enjoy the attention of men.
"The neck is the most sensual part of a woman's body. Unwittingly, exposing the neck with a hairstyle like this is one way of teasing him and show that you are interested in a relationship with them," said Kerner. Women with a top knot hair style is usually very fond of glamorous styles including in terms of sex, such as kissing on the satin sheets, or sheets filled with a sprinkling of flower petals.

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