Breast Stimulation For The Hot Sex

Stimulation intimate areas important to add to the enjoyment of foreplay before sex. One of the most intimate area is stimulated breast.

"Not much is known how women can enjoy their breasts during sex," says sex expert from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Debby Herbenick, Ph.D.
How do I get more leverage breast stimulation? Here are some things to consider as described Womens Health Mag USA:
1. EmbraceDescribed professor at Rutgers University, Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., as the pair touching your breasts, your brain releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel comfortable. Love hormone could also be produced when you cuddle with him or when reaching orgasm, so strengthening the bonding with a partner.
To maximize the effect of the hormone oxytocin, when you try woman on top position, ask the couple to raise his body slightly and then hang up your arms around his neck. Let the pair breasts on his chest. Meanwhile, while trying the missionary position, bring yourself to your partner until your breasts really stick to his chest and try to synchronize breathing. Touch and breathing can increase intimacy.
2. TeaseJust like Mr. Happy men's, women's breasts were very sensitive to the touch and easy to be stimulated. Want to have fun with your own breasts teasing? "Ask your spouse to put the tip of his finger in the middle of your chest (sternum area). Then ask him to make a circular motion around the breast," advises Jaiya, co-author of Red Hot Touch. A touch of the finger teasing the couple will stimulate the fine hairs on the breast to touch the nerves under the skin.
3. Find a New Sensation"By trying different types of touch can bring new atmosphere than usual touch," said sex expert who wrote the book "She Comes First ', Ian Kerner, Ph.D. Want to try a new sensation? Ian suggested during sex, ask your partner to touch your breast with your own underwear made of silk. Alternatively, touch the nipple with hair accessories or body lotion smeared on the area.
4. Focus on the Bottom AreolaUsually when couples stimulates breast is always a concern nipple area. When in fact there is a more sensitive area that is just below the areola (brown area surrounding the nipple). "We think the nipple is a zone of stimulation, it is true, but research shows more women feel the passion when area underneath (nipple) on tap," said Jaiya.
5. Breast distention At Pumped"Some women do not use the opportunity to 'enjoy' their breasts during sex, especially those who are aware that the small size of their breasts," said Kerner. In fact, breast size does not affect whether or not you more excited during sex or not. No matter how its size, the number of nerve there remains the same. In fact, according to experts, the breast can be enlarged up to 25% when women are passionate.

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