Youth Sexual Behavior
Men often referred to simply put sex when dealing with women. In fact, in a day, they can think about sex every 1.5 hours (frequency varies, depending on where his research). However, the fact that has lasted for years is now an objection.

Generation of young men today also want intimacy, according to Casanova Challenging books: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male. Exposure in this book do not agree with the notion that all men are players in the matter of sex. According to the author, Andrew Smiler, professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, the young men also want emotional intimacy with a loved one.
"Myth Cassanova was embedded so deeply that people believe that young children who want a casual relationship than sex is rare, or nonsense," said Smiler.
This is compounded by stories of infidelity committed by public figures who exploited the media. It is so, there is another assumption that men have that are evolutionary impulse to "spread his seed", which makes women to be extra vigilant so as not betrayed.
In his book, Smiler said that normal male (heterosexual) generally can be divided into several categories. Most groups are looking to have a strong sexual relationship with one partner only. Then there is a small group of religious young man, who chose to remain a virgin until marriage later time. There is a larger group, who want to follow the traditional approach to dating. While the "player" who want to have multiple sexual partners, are relatively small.
Data from the International Sexuality Description Project, which also cited Smiler, said that 75 percent of young men that only want one pair (some even said they did not want any family in the next few months). Only 25 percent who want to have two or more sexual partners in a matter of months.
According Smiler, facts about the men who tend to want emotional intimacy is difficult to accept as opposed to the experience of the older generation of men. The young man is now also better able to accept the friendship with the opposite sex that are platonic, although still rare. Most men have at least one female friend, who was able to change a man's behavior for the better in the face of the opposite sex.
Biologically speaking, men need not in fact changed. They have the same testosterone levels as the previous generation. Only, they were able to address the sexual needs better, concluded Smiler. Well, but that his research in the United States. Somehow the fact elsewhere ....

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