Sex is something

Let me talk about sex again as it is one of my favourite subjects in life. The question rises of course why does the old bugger bather about sex. Well my eldest daughter who is only twelve yet has already various queries about boys and girls and what is this sex thing where the others are chit chatting about. Ok I was a bit older when I was struggling with these kind of things and I was in the lucky position not being afraid to ask these kind of things.

I have been raised in a normal but free of mind family and even it was a time of taboo my mum gave me answers on most my questions in life. But sex was not an easy subject to be discussed even it was years after the sexual revolution. I was curious enough to lend some explicit books from the library and I was not older than 14 years of age, I guess. My mum did not say a thing but I could hear her think: “My little boy is becoming a man.”
From these days on I promissed myself that I would do these things differently when I would have kids of my own. And now the time has come and all of a sudden I understand why my mum had such a hard time with all my deep and sometimes difficult questions as her answers had to come from her own knowledge and experiences. At least I’ve got internet to help out. I can’t say that I am more experienced as my mum and I never really talked about this.

Maybe I have done things right but I am sure that I have done many things wrong. As I have been through some rough moments in life and in my case some fuses were blown out. I worked as a bartender at those days. Alright I was not much of a Casanova but I had my share trouble was that none of those women was a stayer. And I was not the greatest lover probably and there was definately a use for both. Sexual freedom can be brutal. When I woke up hungover in the morning next to a girl that I thought who the hell are you. I sat on the side of the bed and said to this girl: “I think I like strawberryjam better than sex.” I know now that this was very low and cruel and I probably have hurt a few. Sorry for that but hey I was young, free and single.

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