Why the fuck are you famous

Farmers, firefighters, construction workers. All of them work hard and contribute to society every day for little to no glory.

Kim Kardashian, her coattail riding whore sisters, Paris Hilton. All of them don't do shit on a daily basis and occasionally pork guys on camera and get 24/7 news coverage for it. Oh, and millions and millions of dollars. They get that too.

Ray J's "you're welcome America, I just created a media-whoring monster" face.

Something is definitely wrong here. Something terribly wrong with society. OUR American society. This isn't the generic "famous people don't deserve to be famous" rant. It is a rant (because that's what this shitty blog is for), but I feel a lot of famous people DO deserve to be famous. Just not the aforementioned slags. 

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