Habits Men Having Sex

Habits Men Having Sex

Men Kebiasa'an exhausted Sex
MANY men who have not understood the habit of women after sex. In order to determine this behavior, the following review helpful.

After sex, men usually fall asleep. But beyond that, there are other habits that women need to know. To be more in knowing his habits, Cosmopolitan disclose it to you.

1.moving Sleep
     Men sleep after sex can be explained by science, says Jennifer Landa, MD, chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women. Sex stimulates dopamine-a neurotransmitter chemical that sends "feel good" throughout your body. After orgasm, oxytocin increased super calming effect that causes him to sleep.

2.Into Bathroom
     After sex, your partner might want to go to the bathroom immediately. The reason? Hormone oxytocin and prolactin plays a role in regulating the water in the kidneys and can cause a man to feel the need to urinate after sex, according to Dr. Landa.

3.Go Directly Leaving You
     Once, may still be okay. But if you do continue, this is a huge red flag, says Walsh. A man who goes so that you may do with sex is just sex you are or she has a problem with intimacy and commitment.

4.want to Eat
     When making love, he will lose a lot of the hormone dopamine in the body. They may unconsciously look for other ways to again increase the level of dopamine during the refractory period (aka the waiting period until they are able to have sex again).

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