Tips To Make love not watching

To always get pleasure during sex, you should not rely solely on a touch or a kiss. Monotonous movement that will make sex seem boring. Therefore, use all your senses to be so much fun sex session. How? These tips, as quoted from The Site.

1. visual

     Bring feel sexy and romantic with candle light or dim light. Buy a new lingerie, and wear different shades to give you and your husband have sex moments. Try sharing intimate moments with her husband with the lights stay on. Let you both mutually admiring each other's bodies.

2. music

     Try play some different types of music when you and he have sex, sensual or romantic nuances. You also can put the 'dirty talk' to burn more husbands sex drive.

3. aroma

     Fragrances can increase sensation during sex. Before sex, a little spray your favorite perfume on blankets, sheets or pillowcases. Several types of fragrance can enhance sexual performance. Use a few drops of essential oil scented jasmine or sandalwood. Also try lotion or oil massage with fragrant herbs and flowers.

4. touch

     Try a variety of touch sensitive area to stimulate you and your partner. The touch can be a tingling, twisting or massaging. Combine fast and slow movements. Replace your cotton quilt with silk, satin, faux fur or lace to bring unique sensation during sex.

5. taste

     Give different sensations through taste buds taste, or tongue. Choose fruit that is not hard to eat like mango slices, grapes, strawberries, lemon slices or melon. For a more pleasant taste, add the melted chocolate. Enjoy this moment with you and your partner feed each other fruit. For drinks, try wine, champagne or sparkling juice.

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