Satisfy Husband, If you are lazy when Sex

Sometimes when libido in the lowest level so that it makes you lazy fuck, husband thus is spirit-spirit for sex.

1. Masturbation

Masturbation was common to do himself, but will be a pleasant sexual activities when done occasionally in pairs. Getting back in touch to make passionate couples can also be done if you both want to get sexual satisfaction but are not in the mood to commit sexual penetration. Furthermore, mutual masturbation with you so that she is so interconnected know which parts want to touch it and feel like what the preferred partner when love comes mood.
2. Position vis-a-vis

With the position facing each other in bed, you can while on one's back while making love. Get him while he's in control of you just relax and enjoy the action pairs. As a variation, slightly lift one of your legs to ease her penetrating. You did not have to move too much.
3. Shared Bath

Bathing with the couple in bath tub or shower is not just fun. But also the perfect solution for women who are lazy lovers, while sexual desire husband is high-high. Intimacy with each other ways to raise the body menyabunkan pair at point rangsangnya or gentle massage under water to evoke sensuality. Brace yourself bath tub and let the couple sitting between your legs to be more relaxed.
4. Spooning

This position allows you to be more relaxed and not move much while the more active he is currently dating. You also can meet the needs of her husband sex, thus get pleasure without much effort. NDA can rotate the body to kiss that increasing passion.
5. Fixed Charge Clothing

Avoid the hassle of undress. Impose permanent fashion when you make love partner. In addition to easier and faster, still wearing clothes when love can also increase arousal and sexual pleasure.
6. Hand Job

Give him his sexual satisfaction without penetration with hands job. Berika touch and sensual massage on his Mr. Happy the hand or other body part to give different sensations during orgasm partner.

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