Sex sensation when Light On

Sex sensation
 Some women prefer to have sex with the lights off. One of the most common causes are, because they feel less confident with her body shape when not wearing clothes.
In fact, sex intimacy could be formed if staring and admiring each other's bodies. To get that, you need enough light. To be more confident when having sex with the lights on, these tips, as quoted from Idiva.
1. Playing with LightThe lighting is bright white or yellow can kill a mood to make love. In addition to the central light in the room, a table lamp or pair also sleep less luminous. Choose a lamp with a unique shape, or can also use perncahayaan of wax. Put it in a place that could create a shadow effect on the wall when you and your lover to be more sensual atmosphere of the rooms.
2. Exercises for Body ShapeIf you feel sexy, sure would look sexy. How to get a sexy body? There's nothing better than physical exercise and sports. Choose the type of exercise or sport that you enjoy and in accordance with the conditions of health, work schedule or other personal matters. With diligent physical activity, you'll feel the difference in just less than a month. Agency fitter, muscle, and certainly more slender form makes you more sexy and attractive. That way, you do not need to hide in the dark every time sex.
3. Discard Beauty MagazinesBeauty magazines are always featuring the figure of a woman with a nearly perfect physically. This often makes women less confident because he felt he was less pretty. Keep in mind, the number of women with physical and face in a magazine like there were only a few of all women in the world. The models in the magazines may have specific rituals or strange to maintain the current physical, care for millions and even plastic surgery. Remember, whoever you are, you are the most perfect woman in the eyes of the couple. Believe in yourself will eliminate the sense of inferiority that often whack you.
4. Clean upBefore sex, take care of your body hygiene, including shaving or waxing hair unwanted hair. Do it at least once a month waxing, scrubs, and use body lotion to keep skin smooth and soft. If you are comfortable with yourself, you must also be comfortable showing the beauty of the body that you care when having sex with a partner.
5. InitiativeFew initiatives during lovemaking can show to your partner, how you want it. Surprise him with a slight dominance in bed. You can close his eyes with a ribbon or bandana, tie her hands on the bed or the woman on top sex positions. To do that, of course, needs lights, right? With dominance, you may be more comfortable having sex without having to sit in the dark.

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