Women more frequently Submit photos of the Men's Sensual

Mobile not only serves to send SMS and phone-teleponan only. Make a couple who was hit romance, sophisticated gadget is also often used for exchanging sexual messages to sensual photographs. Apparently women are the most enamored with this activity.

  Activity sensual to send photos via phone Nudity is familiar with the term called sexting. According to the common assumption, usually men are the most eager to perform such activities. But the study found the opposite.

A study conducted professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska, Diane Kholos Wysocki, assisted professor of sociology at Washburn University, D. Cheryl Childers, found that women are more likely to send nude photos and sex-charged messages than men.

In his research, Wysocki uses data from a survey of 5187 people online on adult website visitors. The site serves the activity of 'infidelity' for facilitating the men and women who are married to find a new partner.

The survey was conducted in 2009 and asked the 68 item questionnaire regarding Internet use and sexual behavior of participants. The results found that about two-thirds of the women surveyed did sexting, while the male is only about half.

"The affair is still alive and growing sexting. But I do not believe the internet makes people so fond of cheating. Which is often the problem is there is something going on with the wedding," Wysocki said as quoted from the New York Times, Thursday (01/24/2013) .

The results of the study also found that women are also not so worried if caught being elihat sexually charged images. However, this study has a weakness in sample selection, because the participants are cheating site visitors. So it can not be said to be representative of the population as a whole.

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