Pampering Women As Sex

Do it this position
  POSITION the key sexual pleasure during lovemaking. Varying the position should be considered that sexual pleasure is created.

Routine sex is necessary coupled with refreshment. Otherwise, not only boredom arise but also a threat to the sluggish libido. For that, try different sexual positions can be applied. These references, as reported Bettersexplus.

The sultry saddle

     How, the man lying down with knees bent and legs extended while you sit in the middle of the right leg. Place your hands one on the chest and one on his leg for balance. You can help rocked when penetration takes place.

The squat

     Let the man lying in bed and you're squatting on it. Find the best position that feels comfortable meeting sex organs. To be balanced, you can rely on the bed.

Face to face

     This position is extremely intimate and romantic impressed. Try sitting opposite and let his legs straight while your feet placed on the thighs. When your thighs overlapping, penetration can be performed perfectly.

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