At New Year, Passion Sex more buoyant

At the time of the New Year to give effect to the matters of sexuality. From a survey reported that the new year brings passion passionate sex.
  Christmas and New Year is a source of pleasure, emotion, love, and passion. According to a survey conducted by dating sites French citizen in 1082 (551 women, 513 men), 73% of women say they have a high libido during the Christmas season and New Year.

As many as 81% of respondents say they want to have more fun in the new year. Approximately 82.5% pesponden said that the new year is identical to the mini dress, elegant and sexy dress. This no doubt contributed to the surge of lust.

Holiday season, gifts, dinners with family rated as the best time to show or express love (good to parents, siblings, spouse, or friend).

Since only one satuhn happened once, 76% of respondents considered that the new year is the perfect opportunity to get out of the daily routine, as reported by Terra Femina.

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