When Sex What Women Wanted

Women as Sex Desire
For matters of sex, she wants it known to many but also not easy to understand. But if any man is willing to explore every aspect of sexual partner, both parties will feel assured of sexual satisfaction.

In order to understand the smarter partner, also check out 5 important things that women really want during lovemaking as quoted http://madameprive.blogspot.com/, Saturday (22/12/2012) following.
1. Needless to wear hug-kiss, just straight sex
The research team revealed that a hug and a kiss during sex is much more important for men than women.
Moreover, men who often kissed and hugged her partner reported three times happier than their peers who rarely do so with his wife. Instead she considers such action has little effect on their happiness.
Interestingly, men prefer to say if they are happy with the relationship she lived, whereas women prefer less satisfied with their sex lives.
2. Likes to watch gay sex videos
It may not be surprising if some normal guy likes to watch lesbian porn videos. But a study from India found that some normal women also admitted sexually aroused when looking at gay porn video starring.
3. Want to be good at kissing partner
"Women kissing to create a bond with their partners, including assessing whether it is a man who kissed a potential partner candidates or not. Conversely, men use kissing as a means to sever relationship with someone," Hard said Hughes, a psychologist at Albright College, Pennsylvania.
That is why when a woman feels a candidate partner is a bad kisser then he could leave, while men are not too concerned with it. Men still want to make love to a woman, though perhaps he a bad kisser.
"Researchers suspect that he assumes that wet kisses least he does with a woman is an index of the level of sexual desire, as well as sexual intercourse," said Hughes.
4. Crush on a married man or have a girlfriend
A study from Oklahoma State University have shown that women prefer men who have been approached married or have a girlfriend.
During the study, researchers showed a picture of a man or woman of interest to participants. Half the participants were told if a man / woman in the picture was still single while the other half was not told anything.
As a result, researchers Dr Melissa Burkley and Jessica Parker revealed that 90 percent of participants were women think men are said to have established a relationship more interesting and only 59 percent of those who love the single men. In other words, women are more interested in targets that have been tied to other people rather than a single target.
5. Funny words or jokes
The next time you attempt to approach a girl, do not hesitate to throw a joke sentence because they love it. Moreover, for them it shows how much your sense of humor.
According to one study, 6 out of 10 women are more likely to fall in love with a man if the man could utter a sentence jokes he finds funny.
But that does not mean all the funny sentences can 'melt' the hearts of women. Similarly, depending on the character of the woman you approach it.
Through another poll involving 4,000 adults also revealed that 4 out of 10 women are dating or married to a man who first approached him with the funny words.

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