Sex during Pregnancy

Sex is a necessary activity for the agency, like the stomach, respiratory and circulatory, among others, experience changes during pregnancy. This does not necessarily mean that pregnant women have to refrain from such contact, as if her pregnancy it can continue to enjoy healthy sexual life.

It is common in conversations with friends and family opine having sex during pregnancy can lead to abortion or harm the baby, which is absolutely false, it is possible this practice freely, provided there are no contraindications by the gynecologist.

Also, take into account that sex not only involve vaginal penetration, as it is an act that includes a whole range of nonverbal actions, among which are seeing, touching, kissing and games that can terminate or not intercourse, and it is also possible have pleasurable experiences with the couple to turn to other forms of stimulation.

What about the desire?
Sex drive (libido) often have variations in different stages of pregnancy, as many women say that during perceive the first quarter marked decrease, which is mainly to disturbances that occur during this period, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and excessive sleep, also psychologically the couple begins to explore maternal and paternal instincts. There are also who maintain that the libido has remained the same, while a lower percentage of females indicated they notice an increase.

When it's second quarter, things change, because it manifest increased sensitivity, in fact, incredibly, some women experience their first orgasm at this time. This responds to have disappeared by now most of the physical discomfort that occur during the first three months, resulting in higher welfare and enthusiasm for intimate contact.

By the third trimester, the pregnant live time of discomfort and distress due to the increase in the volume of the belly, then bulge prevents you from resting in a comfortable position, awake by sudden movements of the fetus, expressed extreme need urinate, and your energy is low and easily irritated. That is why at this stage is presented visible decrease in sexual desire.

And the future father...
Man sometimes feels jealous of the attention that women lends to the new life growing in her belly but on the other hand, although continues to express sexual desire for your partner is afraid of causing damage the fetus during the contact.

This situation causes many men think your partner should abstain from anything that involves exercise or vigorous movement for your baby does not suffer damage, so extreme care to their partner. In contrast, others just do not understand what your partner is so sleepy in the first quarter and fret too much, mostly because they believe that this state of increased reluctance gradually in the months that have yet to take place at birth.

Last quarter it is still difficult period for the man because his family does not show the same interest sexual he also feels alienated because the pregnant woman usually attached to his mother and friends, and this is compounded by the relationship she has with her gynecologist. Despite this, most Men try to get closer to partner and try to find comfortable and quiet.

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