Myths-Myths About Infidelity

Myths about infidelity
Cheating is a problem most commonly experienced romance lovers or husband and wife. If it is to discuss the affair, many people think that he is the most often. Though it is not entirely true.

Men are more likely than women cheating arguably it is the myth. There are many other myths about the developing affair. What is it? Here it is a summarized presentation of Your Tango.
1. Affair for SexNot all do. Scott Haltzman, MD, professor at Brown University and author of "The Secrets of Happy Married Men say, cheating can use emotion without sex. They feel emotional closeness and secret marriage.
2. Not In Love affair because the coupleSome people cheat because they do not love your partner anymore. According to Haltzman, they were not happy does not mean no longer loves her partner. Cheating occurs because there are other problems, seperyo men need the support of other women instead of their partner. Neither the women who do not get attention from her partner, so looking for a new man.
3. Seeking a More Sexy & YoungNot always so. Real example is Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Camilla is not young and sexy woman, he compared even more beautiful Diana, but Charles still turning. Cheating can occur because couples looking for what is not owned by a man or a woman. For instance some swinger looking for a smart affair, richer, more fashionable or otherwise.
4. More Men CheatingMany thought the number of men who cheated more often than women. But apparently that's not entirely true myth. Coffee & Company, dating agency in the UK conducted a survey and found that it is now increasing the number of women cheating. Nearly 20 percent of women of the 3,000 respondents admitted to cheating.
Most admitted because they want something new and different. Some are choosing cheating as a form of revenge - because never cheated - or because he was not aware his girlfriend.
5. Infidelity Can Be PreventedEvery way possible can be done to prevent cheating. With a lover who always make time for each other, giving more attention or to be romantic, it still can not prevent the cheating occurred.

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